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Education Transforms Nations

Our approach to education projects introduces a rigorous process to assess institutional strengths, identify gaps and propose a roadmap towards operational excellence as the underlying methodology. This approach, known at home as Transform NC, was designed in response to an institution-wide need to enhance the program and services delivery model across our Canadian operations.

For our global partners, we deploy the Transform NC approach across all of our education projects, collaborating with partners in the Americas, Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and the Middle East to help them achieve operational excellence and act as a driver for social and economic transformation.

We provide comprehensive education services that transform campus and learner experiences.  

Our expertise in the Education sector includes:

  • Accessible Facilities Design
  • Finance + Resource Mobilization
  • Certification + Accreditation
  • Qualifications Framework Design
  • Curriculum + Program Development
  • Gender + Social Inclusion
  • Environmental + Social Governance
  • Talent Acquisition + Development
  • Global Campus Operations
  • Global Campus Establishment


Roskilde’s Customized Business Program

Case Study from Denmark

Since 2016, Niagara College has and continues to welcome participants from one of Denmark’s longest standing business colleges, Roskilde. Students from Roskilde Business College’s three-year Study Abroad – World Class program, attend NC as part of a customized business program that involves travelling to a different country each year of study.

Building Economic Security for Women through Trades + Technology

Case Study from Bolivia

Low participation rates among women within the trades and technology sector is a global concern with far-reaching implications for national development. Bolivia’s challenge was far greater, combining a historical deficiency in education program design that targeted women learners coupled with immense and growing poverty outside urban and semi-urban centres.

Learn how NC Global transitioned trades from a man’s job to a career for all.

Food Innovation in the Mekong Delta – Vinh Long Community College

Case Study from Vietnam

Mekong Delta is targeting growth in real terms at US$987M from its agricultural sector.

Learn how NC Global is supporting food innovation and production in Vinh Long.

Supporting Economic Prosperity in Jamaica’s Ports Development Sector

Case Study from Jamaica

Our client is much better positioned to achieve Jamaica's goal of becoming the fourth most important hub in the global supply and logistics chain, behind Singapore, Dubai and Rotterdam.

Learn more about NC Global in Jamaica.

Enhancing Sustainability within the Mexican Oil and Gas Sector

Case Study from Mexico

The Pacific Alliance Program (PAP) delivers technical assistance to and support skills development for labour forces to secure sustainable employment and self-employment as a poverty reduction strategy, targeting youth, low-skilled men and women and marginalized communities.

Embedding Sustainability As A Regional Economic Driver

Case Study from Colombia

Our partner – a Santander-based post-secondary institution – is situated between a flourishing free trade zone and an established extractive industry. Environmental + Social Governance (ESG) forms part of the social fabric, reflected in the local political context.

Their opportunity is our challenge.

Building World Ready Universities – Global Education in South Korea

Case Study from South Korea

Global Education is changing the world over. Many of our partners and past clients in Asia, the Americas and Africa are implementing exciting global engagement programs to deepen cooperation with education, research and enterprise partners.

Learn more about our most recent engagement in Asia, supporting global education in South Korea.

Niagara College Global Education and Partnerships

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Global Education and Partnerships