Case Study: Enhancing Sustainability within the Mexican Oil and Gas Sector

  • Country Mexico
  • Sector Agriculture + Environment, Education + Leadership
Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Client's Challenge

Our engagement within the Pacific Alliance in Mexico focuses on increasing the quality and quantity of graduates – industrial mechanics and millwrights – to the local workforce. Our partners, two well-positioned applied institutes are pursuing multi-year global growth strategies that are both ambitious and realizable. Several milestones, setting the foundation for organizational transformation have been achieved. Along their journey, our partners identified four critical gaps within their operational model that could impede the realization of their vision:

  • Outmoded approaches to sustained engagement with learners and alumni.
  • Limited capacity to collect, analyze and recommend strategic shifts based on data.
  • Inconsistent approach to engaging industry in the program design process.
  • Diminishing brand presence among influencers and prospective learners.
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Our Solution

NC Global is working with our partners to improve training and youth employability with a focus on:

  • Developing capability through coaching in student-centered learning, teaching/learning plans & authentic assessment.
  • Establishing institution-wide performance metrics, KPI systems & performance evaluation criteria.
  • Redesigning programs to meet industry needs, by engaging industry at inception and through to closure.
  • Process engineering towards an integrated operations model - marketing, recruitment, admissions and advanced standing, facilities / maintenance and finance and administration.
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Impact on the Client

  • A sustainable and institutionally-integrated approach to student experience through applied, immersive education + training.
  • A renewed focus on data as a lever supporting sustainable organizational transformation.
  • Established and institutionalized processes that integrate industry within new program design.
  • New marketing, branding and communications platforms that increase community and learner engagement.
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