Case Study: Embedding Sustainability As A Regional Economic Driver

  • Country Colombia
  • Sector Agriculture + Environment, Education + Leadership, Gender + Social Inclusion
Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Client's Challenge

Our partner – a Santander-based post-secondary institution – is situated between a flourishing free trade zone and an established extractive industry. Environmental + Social Governance (ESG) forms part of the social fabric, reflected in the local political context. Our partner is an emerging leader in environment + sustainability with a defined vision, supported by developed talent and institutional capability. Their opportunity is our challenge.

Our Solution

  • Shepherding in institution-wide performance metrics, KPI systems + performance evaluation criteria.
  • Providing technical assistance that enhances professional education offerings, drawing on competency-based approaches and aligned with environmental + social governance principles (ESG).
  • Designing + launching new centres of excellence in sustainability, productivity + innovation.
  • Co-developing + implementing new strategies that support diversity and sustainability within the local industry.
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Impact on the Client

  • Empowering an analytics-driven culture by identifying + embedding analytics leaders throughout the organizations.
  • Enabling industry-academic engagement through productivity, innovation + sustainability-focused applied research.
  • Integrating sustainability within public awareness, community engagement + social development programming.
  • Positioning our Client to capture a larger segment of the professional education + training market through a new growth strategy, program suite and academic foundation.
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