Case Study: Ensuring Growth Works for Everyone – Entrepreneurship for Women and Indigenous

  • Country Chile
  • Sector Education + Leadership, Gender + Social Inclusion
Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Client's Challenge

NC Global is partnering with several Chilean post-secondary institutes situated within the extractive sector of Antofagasta, Chile. Our partners lead the pack across all KPIs. Post-graduate employment rates and responsive program design are key differentiators against the competition. Their vision for transformation centers on deepening cooperation within the extractive industry through applied, industry-driven research, corporate training + internationalization.

Our Solution

  • Coaching staff on student-centered learning, teaching + learning plans as well as authentic assessment.
  • Integrating environmental + social governance within the business model for new social enterprise institutes.
  • Ushering in analytics-driven performance metrics, KPI systems + performance evaluation criteria.
  • Building technical skills and capacity of extractive sector workers that improve their long-term employability prospects.
  • Improving the quality of professional education for faculty in competency-based education + training.
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Impact on the Client

  • New communities of practitioners are being established across the Chilean post-secondary system, bringing together thought leadership on student-centered programs + services.
  • Empowering an analytics-driven culture by nurturing analytics leadership across the organization.
  • Integrating gender + social inclusion within public awareness, engagement + social programming.
  • Deepened partnerships with industry that crosscut program design, employment + community development.
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