Sector: Agriculture + Environment

Agriculture and environmental technologies are fertile ground for economic development.

We work with private and public sector partners to develop innovative solutions to address today’s challenges in precision agriculture, GIS, computer programming, sustainable food production, plant growth, horticultural practices, greenhouse operations, aquaponics, environmental management and renewable energies.

We have a track record exceeding 20 years of collaborating with global partners to:

  • Implement new demand-driven education and training;
  • Establish centres of excellence in agricultural innovation; and
  • Accelerate small and medium-size enterprise development in the environment and sustainable development sector.

We have worked with educational institutions to introduce new programs in sustainability, to enhance sustainability content within courses, to introduce new sustainability-focused learning outcomes, and also to implement “greening of education” initiatives.

Our Agriculture + Environment expertise includes:

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Sustainable Production
  • Social Responsibility
  • Renewable Energies
  • Greenhouse Operations
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Agricultural Technology
  • Reuse of Primary Resources
  • Hydroponics + Aquaponics
  • Water / Soil Analysis
  • Organic + Biodynamic Practice
  • Greening of Education


Becas – Boosting Economic, Social and Cultural Development

Case Study from Chile

BECAS Chile is a program executed by the Ministry of Education that aims to boost the economic, social and cultural development of Chile by providing students with the opportunity to study abroad in professional and technical fields. Through a long-standing relationship with BECAS Chile, Niagara College regularly hosts students for up to four months of English for Academic Preparation training followed by a Post-Graduate Certificate Program in either the Environmental or Hospitality and Tourism field.

Food Innovation in the Mekong Delta – Vinh Long Community College

Case Study from Vietnam

Mekong Delta is targeting growth in real terms at US$987M from its agricultural sector.

Learn how NC Global is supporting food innovation and production in Vinh Long.

Enhancing Sustainability within the Mexican Oil and Gas Sector

Case Study from Mexico

The Pacific Alliance Program (PAP) delivers technical assistance to and support skills development for labour forces to secure sustainable employment and self-employment as a poverty reduction strategy, targeting youth, low-skilled men and women and marginalized communities.

Embedding Sustainability As A Regional Economic Driver

Case Study from Colombia

Our partner – a Santander-based post-secondary institution – is situated between a flourishing free trade zone and an established extractive industry. Environmental + Social Governance (ESG) forms part of the social fabric, reflected in the local political context.

Their opportunity is our challenge.

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