Sector: Gender + Social Inclusion

Inclusion is about creating a better world for everyone. So much of Niagara College’s work proves that’s true.

We are a leader in providing opportunities and programs where gender and social inclusion are front and centre. Our expertise at home sets us up for success on the global stage where we have partnered with academic institutions and government agencies to improve the lives of the most vulnerable in the Americas, in Africa and the Middle East, through training and skills development, coaching and mentoring, as well as through consulting and advisory services.

Niagara College Global embraces diversity and social inclusion by articulating and living its values, demonstrating commitment to all stakeholders, taking action to promote gender equality, building local and global capacity in social equality and celebrating our shared successes.

Our focus on gender and social inclusion not only creates better lives for individuals, it strengthens communities and entire nations.

Our Gender + Social Inclusion expertise includes:

  • Gender + Social Inclusion – Integration Strategy
  • Gender Mainstreaming – Policy Design
  • Social + Economic Impact Analysis
  • Empowering Marginalized and At-Risk Populations
  • Leadership Development – Gender + Social Inclusion
  • Gender Mainstreaming Framework – Design + Implementation


Building Economic Security for Women through Trades + Technology

Case Study from Bolivia

Low participation rates among women within the trades and technology sector is a global concern with far-reaching implications for national development. Bolivia’s challenge was far greater, combining a historical deficiency in education program design that targeted women learners coupled with immense and growing poverty outside urban and semi-urban centres.

Learn how NC Global transitioned trades from a man’s job to a career for all.

The Power of One (Thousand)

Case Study from Brazil

The cycle of poverty is hard to break. Children drop out of school to help support their families. At the cusp of adulthood, they often head families of their own. Sometimes the family unit breaks down and a woman is left to raise her children on her own. The cycle continues. How did we break this?

Learn More about how NC Global leveraged women’s empowerment as a driver for sustainable economic growth.

Supporting Economic Prosperity in Jamaica’s Ports Development Sector

Case Study from Jamaica

Our client is much better positioned to achieve Jamaica's goal of becoming the fourth most important hub in the global supply and logistics chain, behind Singapore, Dubai and Rotterdam.

Learn more about NC Global in Jamaica.

Embedding Sustainability As A Regional Economic Driver

Case Study from Colombia

Our partner – a Santander-based post-secondary institution – is situated between a flourishing free trade zone and an established extractive industry. Environmental + Social Governance (ESG) forms part of the social fabric, reflected in the local political context.

Their opportunity is our challenge.

Mulheres Mil Impact Assessment

Case Study from Brazil

NC Global was engaged by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) to execute an impact assessment of the Mulheres Mil Program.

Learn more about how NC Global's recommendation spurred a national movement to enhance opportunities for women's economic empowerment.

ITEC Iguazú Collaboration

Project Preview from Argentina

Creating job opportunities in a growing tourism industry can provide a means to lifting people out of poverty through stable employment. But tourism for social development won’t be sustainable if its environmental impact isn’t considered.

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