Global Consulting and Capability Building Services

Niagara College’s Global Consulting Practice brings together insight from thought leaders across the private industry, government and academe to develop solutions that position our partners to transform into forward-looking and pre-emptive players.

Our Capability Building Practice combines training, consulting, coaching and mentoring in a stimulating manner that positions our partners to enhance operational effectiveness and ensure sustainability.

We engage partners through services in:

Strategy and Growth

We work with change leaders from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors to formulate responsive strategies to mitigate the impact of increasing fiscal constraint and the emergence of new and savvy competitors.

Governance and Risk

We work on developing organizational risk awareness, creating agile decision-making frameworks and increasing organizational resilience when the unexpected does happen.

Demand-Driven Education

We work to design applied, experiential programs that meet industry needs, drive student enrolment, and foster learner-centeredness.  

Quality Assurance

We work to assess gaps in current QA systems, develop institutionally-owned enhancement plans and manage the improvement journey from end-to-end.

Stakeholder Management

We work to identify stakeholders, develop the narrative, manage the engagement and evaluate outcomes against expectations.

Niagara College Global Education and Partnerships