Sector: Hospitality + Tourism

One person’s getaway is another person’s career.

With spending on vacations increasing in many parts of the world, hospitality and tourism hold incredible economic potential for government and industry across the globe.

So what makes Niagara College Global the ideal partner?  

Niagara College is Canada’s leader in hospitality and tourism – as educators, advisors and strategic partners – situated at the epicenter of the Canadian hospitality, tourism and sport industries.

Our global hospitality and tourism services integrate environmental stewardship and entrepreneurship, ensuring sustainability and empowerment of local populations to manage cultural and natural resources.

All of our engagements combine “big data” analytics, strategy, sales and marketing, and are embedded within sport management, event management, golf management, hospitality, tourism, spa and esthetics.

Our Hospitality + Tourism expertise includes:

  • Hospitality + Tourism Investment Planning
  • Sport + Golf Management
  • Destination Marketing
  • Event Management
  • Hospitality Operations
  • Spa + Esthetics


The Power of One (Thousand)

Case Study from Brazil

The cycle of poverty is hard to break. Children drop out of school to help support their families. At the cusp of adulthood, they often head families of their own. Sometimes the family unit breaks down and a woman is left to raise her children on her own. The cycle continues. How did we break this?

Learn More about how NC Global leveraged women’s empowerment as a driver for sustainable economic growth.

Supporting Economic Prosperity in Jamaica’s Ports Development Sector

Case Study from Jamaica

Our client is much better positioned to achieve Jamaica's goal of becoming the fourth most important hub in the global supply and logistics chain, behind Singapore, Dubai and Rotterdam.

Learn more about NC Global in Jamaica.

Contributing to the development of tourism in Tanzania

Project Preview from Tanzania

Your country has been identified as an emerging tourist destination. What do you do?

Developing the ‘Entry Points for Tourism Work’ program

Project Preview from Peru

More than half of Peru’s 27 million people live in poverty. Arequipa, Peru’s second largest city, suffers high unemployment. Poor and marginalized citizens lack skills to benefit from growth in emerging sectors, including tourism.

Education Fit For A Kingdom

Case Study from Kingdom of Saudia Arabia
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