Project Preview: ITEC Iguazú Collaboration

  • Country Argentina
  • Sector Gender + Social Inclusion, Hospitality + Tourism
Creating job opportunities in a growing tourism industry can provide a means to lifting people out of poverty through stable employment. But tourism for social development won’t be sustainable if its environmental impact isn’t considered.

A three-year collaboration between NC Global and ITEC Iguazú in Argentina checked all the right boxes when it came to providing short-term training for women and disadvantaged youth from marginalized neighbourhoods in Puerto Iguazú to increase their employment in a tourism sector that was socially and ecologically responsible.

A job centre was established with industry input to assist with soft skills development. Participants received assistance with work searches, resume writing and interview preparation, and were encouraged to be ecotourism entrepreneurs.

The project also empowered first nations communities to sustainably manage their own natural and cultural resources for tourism. Better still, a progressive instructor training program meant the project to boost social development through responsible ecotourism could be replicated elsewhere in Argentina.


Photo credit: Wolf Schram on Unsplash


Niagara College Global Education and Training