Case Study: Building World Ready Universities – Global Education in South Korea

  • Country South Korea
  • Sector Education + Leadership
Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Client's Challenge

Our Partner – a comprehensive university in the greater Seoul area – began investing in global engagement several years back, establishing partnerships with new external partners and integrating global engagement within its academic, applied research and administrative units. Preempting a multi-year domestic enrolment decline coupled with reduced government support, our partner saw its opportunity. In 2016, they sought to establish a global institute to:

  • Establish itself as a global education hub, serving as a conduit for world-ready education and training that links South East Asia to North America.
  • Increase global learners on campus by partnering with education agencies, scaling-up recruitment efforts and revamping their global brand strategy.
  • Expand the number of global field placements for students and staff within institutions in growth markets, such as Canada.
  • Deliver bespoke training solutions for industry and government clients aligning institutional capability to market demand.
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Our Solution

Our engagement centred on three interconnected service streams - engagement, technology and delivery:

  • Engagement: Brand, marketing and communications services that increase on-campus diversity and engagement through student recruitment, exchange and internship programs.
  • Technology: Advisory services to design a bespoke education and learner management system to enhance experience for its global learners.
  • Delivery: Education services as a provider of globally-accredited, industry-driven training in English and management to private and public sector clients.
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Impact on the Client

  • A diversified learner population, representing new academic and industry partners as well as new countries and regions.
  • Financial sustainability through diversified revenue streams that reflect our partners capabilities in education, training and research.
  • Deeper global and cultural engagement - at home and abroad - setting the stage for multi-year, organically-developed partnerships.
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