Case Study: Empowering Saudi Arabia’s Next Generation of Women SME’s

  • Country Kingdom of Saudia Arabia
  • Sector Education + Leadership, Gender + Social Inclusion
Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Client's Challenge

Our client, a GCC Labour Ministry is executing a nationally-focused technical and vocational education (TVET) reform program, engaging world-renowned change management specialists to reform existing, government-run Colleges of Technology. Our institutional partner engaged NC Global to support its transformation. At the onset of our engagement:

  • Our partner delivered limited programs to 400 learners, operating well below its maximum learner capacity of 750.
  • While boasting high learner satisfaction (85%), our partner suffered from a higher than average dropout rate (35%) among learners.
  • The academic program mix did reflect market needs and thus were not top of mind among learner prospects or influencers.
  • Learning outcomes did not meet industry demand, disconnecting graduates from sustainable employment and economic growth.
  • A new state-of-the-art post-secondary institution established itself in close proximity to our partner and and was rapidly increasing market share at our partner's expense.
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Our Solution

  • We deployed specialist teams to our client’s headquarters to assess college performance against strategic objectives, identifying where gaps in talent acquisition and management lay, where instructional skills and knowledge required enhancement and where academic programs and corporate services needed a rethink.
  • Our team co-developed a multi-year capacity enhancement roadmap with the Client’s leadership team to capture opportunities to develop leadership and management skills across the organization.
  • Our teams are designing a suite of integrated, built-for-purpose processes that allow for measurable, efficient and learner-centred service delivery.
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Impact on the Client

  • Engaged Stakeholders: Our partner is now recruiting and retaining a larger proportion of the learner market based on an enhanced brand profile, broader range of industry-tested programs and best-in-class academic and student service offerings.
  • Leveraging SME Opportunities: Our client is well-positioned to participate in SME start-up and growth initiatives. The new program mix, aligned to market demand is establishing credibility with venture capitalists and funders on the viability of new enterprises, led by College graduates.
  • Empowering Emerging Leaders: The graduates are the real champions as they are leaving the College as world-ready, digitally-proficient and highly-adaptable team members and leaders as a result of the change process and the College’s ownership of its success.
  • Graduate Employment: The change process and ensuing results are already positioning our client as a go-to source for skilled graduates.
  • Modelling Leading Edge Practice: The change process centres on educator empowerment. Our client is trailblazing new forms of leadership that respond to the local environment and can be replicated across the nation.
  • Championing Growth: The change strategy will position the College as a regional centre of excellence, creating new funding opportunities to expand its academic and professional offerings to new segments of the learner market.
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