Project Preview: Revamping and modernizing food industry programs

  • Country Peru
  • Sector Food + Beverage
Luis E. Valcarcel Institute of Higher Technical Education in Peru needed to produce skilled graduates to meet the needs of the country’s rapidly modernizing food industry. The Centro de Formacion Agricola Moquegua (CFAM) wanted to do the same in viticulture and oenology, turning out graduates ready to work in Peru’s wine and Pisco industries.

Niagara College and other international partners were enlisted to revamp their three-year industry programs and target vulnerable youth for enrolment.

The new technical programs offered hands-on experience through courses and placements with producers during each study year. Students could seek employment between each study year, gaining industry experience and earning money to continue their studies. New on-campus job centres connected students with employers and provided career counselling.

We also created fully-equipped laboratories offering producers analysis and quality testing to meet international standards. The labs also serve as the backdrop for short courses in microbiology for industry workers and youth lacking post-secondary entry.

Together, we achieved high quality training, increased program attendance, and created stronger relationships with Peru’s food and wine industries that would sustain the program.


Niagara College Global Education and Training