Sector: Leadership Development

Engaged, inspired teams transform organizations from good to great. It starts somewhere – inspirational leaders.

Niagara College Global provides consulting and learning support in a number of areas.

Our wealth of expertise and insight gained at home coupled with our global experience working with public and private partners, positions us as a leader in transforming organizations through their most important asset – people.

Our global experience within leadership development includes implementing new demand-driven education and training programs, as well as developing advanced leaders through the design and launch of specialized leadership academies.

We approach organizational transformation as an integrated and organic process – focusing on leadership, strategy and culture.

We are people-focused, recognizing that engaged employees are the building blocks of successful teams.

Our Leadership Development expertise includes:

  • Strategic Vision + Values Design
  • Leadership + Managerial Development Training
  • Change Management
  • Organizational Culture
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Transformative Leadership – Coaching + Mentoring
  • Succession Planning
  • Team + Talent Development Training


Embedding Sustainability As A Regional Economic Driver

Case Study from Colombia

Our partner – a Santander-based post-secondary institution – is situated between a flourishing free trade zone and an established extractive industry. Environmental + Social Governance (ESG) forms part of the social fabric, reflected in the local political context.

Their opportunity is our challenge.

Building Vietnamese Student-Centered Leadership

Case Study from Vietnam

Advanced management training based on Ontario model puts college leadership in Vietnam in touch with student and business needs.

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