Designing training programs takes collaboration and expertise.

Our process for helping our international partners achieve their education and training goals is multi-pronged. We consider every detail and need of our partner institutions and the communities they serve from start to finish. 

Our approach to program development begins with establishing a concept, and clearly determining how a new or modified curriculum fits within an institution. We do in-depth labour market research and consultation to ensure we develop industry-driven education that produces proficient graduates. Program steering committees are established to shape training and help it evolve alongside rapidly changing economies.

From there we fine-tune learning outcomes and create course concepts. This brings us closer to proposing a more formal program framework that includes detailed course outlines, employability skills learned, the equipment, facilities and resources required to carry out training, and course evaluations that help us further refine our efforts.

With that in hand, we work side by side with our partners to implement and rollout new or updated programs. We assist with effective marketing and recruitment, and provide hands-on support for effective and sustainable program delivery at launch.

Through it all, we stay focused on the paramount outcome: graduates who are more than work ready. They’re world ready.