Case Study: Building Vietnamese Student-Centered Leadership

  • Country Vietnam
  • Sector Education + Leadership
Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Client's Challenge

For several years, the Government of Vietnam had focused on transforming its education system to meet the needs of a 21st century economy. They were at a tipping point. Managing organizational change across the country’s applied education system was the next challenge. NC Global was engaged to shepherd through that change. Our objective was clear - strengthen the management and leadership capabilities within Vietnam’s college leaders to better serve the growing Vietnamese economy. Our Client's vision was bold, hands-on and results-driven. They sought to:

  • Institutionalize professional development for college leaders, drawing on the success of Ontario’s leadership development strategy to enable a faster transition to a market economy.
  • Establish a learn-by-doing model to institutionalize change among leaders at newly established Training Centres.
  • Ensure Training Centres are self-sustaining within five years and the curriculum can be customized to meet the training needs of broader audiences throughout the ASEAN region.
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Our Solution

Develop a cutting-edge leadership development program and business sustainability strategy based on best practices of Canadian colleges

  • Design, develop and rollout an 11-course, specialized program to build leadership capabilities.
  • Train facilitators to deliver the courses using interactive and engaging techniques.
  • Establish a quality assurance system and guidelines for the program.
  • Create a master trainer program to make the initiative sustainable within five years.
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Impact on the Client

  • Needs of the marketplace are being met by building the capabilities of technical and professional educators and managers to transform their organizations from supply- to demand-driven.
  • Nearly 240 participants, including 50 women, from 66 Vietnamese colleges took courses in three subjects in 2017, the first year of the CAM Series program.
  • Leaders from more than 150 colleges will participate in the program, setting them on a path to develop student-centred institutions that prepare graduates to meet the needs of the Vietnam job market.
  • Training centres are now developing the capabilities of leaders across the Vietnamese college system to strategically manage institutions that will better meet the demands of the country’s economy.
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"NC Global worked side by side with TCAM leaders to design and roll out the CAM Series, a flagship college leadership training program that takes a learning by doing approach."


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