Case Study: Hoseo U – Innovative Technology and Language

  • Country South Korea
  • Sector English Language Studies
Executive Summary

Executive Summary

Client's Challenge

The Innovative Technology and Language Program is designed to combine studies in Niagara College’s School of Technology with academic and conversational Language Training. By integrating a series of site visits to and presentations from community and industry partners in the electronics manufacturing fields, participants are able to experience practical applications related to their subsequent area of study while also enhancing their English.

Our Solution

  • Delivering customized program consisting of two components, an Innovative Technology Program and a Language Training Program.
  • Innovative Technology Program – Working in NC’s Photonics lab spaces, students design, build and test a photonic module such as a miniature spectrometer that they retain after they complete the program.
  • Language Training Program – English language instruction in conversational and academic English including reading, writing, listening and speaking.
  • Providing participants with a series of site visits and presentations from community and industry partners in the electronics manufacturing field.
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Impact on the Client

Promoting personal and professional growth in over 120 students, including:

  • Strengthening all areas of English Language skills for the workforce and/or continuing studies;
  • Obtaining both theory and project-based experience designing, building and testing a photonic module, including, computer assisted design, optical modeling and prototyping with bulk components, laser cutting and welding, and integration of electronic and optical components; and
  • Having an opportunity to participate in additional studies or an internship with a Niagara-based industry partner.
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